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First Lines, 07/04/17

First lines of the novel, “The World It Kills Softly,” which I won’t write today, as it’s Independence Day:

“She lost him on a Tuesday. Together, they had grown up sharing everything. They were Irish twins — born nearly exactly nine months apart. Together, they had perfected forgiveness. They had perfected dreaming, manufacturing lives intertwined, raising nieces and nephews as their own. They didn’t bicker; she couldn’t remember a single argument.

The Leukemia finally took him on that Tuesday night in April of her senior year, just a few short months after the diagnosis…”

First Lines, 01/15/14

First lines of the novel I'll have no time to write today:

"They discovered their love for each other in the ripeness of Autumn. That's what García Márquez called it — that unexpected moment when an ordinary tree blossoms and bears an exotic new fruit…”