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First Lines, 11/04/18

First lines of the novel I was unable to write today:

"The murder sent ripples of rumor through the tiny town. Marina's body, found on a Saturday morning in front of the drug store in the middle of Main Street, prompted whispered allegations and accusations — turning neighbors against one another, and quieting families at dinner tables…”

First Lines, 01/20/18

First lines of the novel I was too ill to write today:

"Marina walked quickly down Poplar Lane toward her best friend's house, stopping every block or two to catch her breath and wipe the rain from her eyes.

The summer so far had been slow, bringing leisurely days and late nights laying under the stars — the two talking about boys who didn't know their names, concerts, and troubles at home. But Marina knew that this morning's news, now rippling through the quiet, Midwest town, would almost certainly change that…”

First Lines, 05/04/14

First lines of the novel I shamefully failed to write today:

"He awoke, feeling like Lazarus, back from the dead, as though he'd spent the evening dancing across the River Styx, and somehow survived--the protagonist of a postmodern novel, impossible to retell.

She lay beside him, still, sleeping in the morning light, smelling of used gin and cigar ash. The distance between them could not be bound by their king-sized bed. The world outside their apartment window was abuzz with the throbbing thrum of sirens…”