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First Lines, 11/25/18

First lines of the political thriller I lacked the motivation to write today:

"One by one, the senators emerged from the SCIF, silently and seriously making their way down the halls of the Capitol building and out the front doors with a sense of urgency — an unmistakable conviction.

None stopped to speak with the accumulating hordes of reporters that had filled the Senate Reception Room and lined the Capitol steps…”

First Lines, 09/30/18

First lines of the true crime novel I'm too road-weary to write today:


It was hot and sticky, and smelled like hot garbage. It was late May in Bayou La Batre, Alabama, and the whole town was on edge. Unspoken racial tensions ran high, stoked by the recent murder of Jessica Chambers, a 19-year-old former-cheerleader in rural Courtland, Mississippi…”

First Lines, 07/08/18

First lines of the novel I am unable to write today: 

"Steam rose from the pavement in Echo Park, outside of El Chubasco. It was the sixth day of a heatwave, but that Sunday afternoon's clouds had finally delivered on their promise.

It didn't do much to cool things off, but brought with it the hope of cooler days. Ariana and Sonny stepped out of El Paisano into the stickiness of the evening, looking north, then south — taking in the emptiness of Sunset Blvd…”