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Hospital Closures Cripple Small Towns

I was born and raised in Fort Sumner, a small village in Eastern New Mexico. More specifically, I was born at De Baca General Hospital — a 21-bed facility on North Tenth Street in that sleepy town. In fact, I was delivered by the same doctor who delivered my father.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that building this week. Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s not entirely fair to think of it as a “building.” It was an institution; and, in so many ways, it was helping to keep that little village alive.

Is AI the future of school security?

Last week, I told you about new advances in artificial intelligence by a company called OpenAI — an Elon Musk-backed nonprofit research firm — which has chosen not to release the research behind a new AI fake text generator called GPT2, for fears that it may be too dangerous to release.

This week, in keeping with that theme, I’d like to share with you how artificial intelligence is under consideration to beef up security at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Email newsletters make surprising comeback among media outlets

I have a confession. I’ve got 104,440 unread emails right now — an actual number, not an attempt at humor by way of hyperbole. There are a whole bunch of reasons for this.

First, I’ve had the same email address for more than 12 years. Over that time, the emails have sort of piled up. For eight of those years, I served as music director for a radio station — a job that generates a lot of unsolicited email. (I still get 15 to 20 of those emails each day.)